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KALIBARU Plantation

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Kalibaru, a small hill country village located at approximately 220 km from Denpasar Airport in Bali. If you departed from Denpasar, Kalibaru is conveniently reached by road, a trip that takes approximately 6 hours and includes the fascinating 35 minutes car – ferry trip across the Bali’s Strait from the “island of the Gods” to the eastern trip of Java, “the most beautiful and fertile tropical island on earth”

Approaching Kalibaru from the west, the closer large airport is at Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province. From Surabaya, Kalibaru is reached by road or train. By either route, the journey takes approximately 6 to 7 hours and passes through constantly changing scenes of life in tropical paradise – busy towns, sleepy rural villages, terraced rice fields, plantations, orchards, forests and happy people with ready and warm smiles. The road journey winds over the forested Merawan range, while the train passes under it via a historic tunnel that was built in 1902 – 1910 during Dutch Colonialism’s occupation

At Kalibaru village, you may see the growing of Indonesian plantation commodities, like coffee, cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, vanilla and pepper, as well as many tropical fruits. Here, you will watch the production of coconut sugar directly, where it takes from palm flower to packet

For the “river lover”, we can enjoy the view to the Kalibaru river that laid of Kalibaru village. The spectacular for background, it’s background of lush, deep garden mahogany forest and Menyan Hill beyond. Amazing and please you are relaxing here, also accompany with the breeze from the hill. When the conditions are possible, what about “adventure rafting” to more enjoy the beauty of nature from a different angle. It makes you will stay fro a long time here caused by many nature object that you may explore for new adventure

We will also show you up about a cocoa plantation and then see the different stages in the processing of cocoa beans, the raw material for chocolate. Besides, our team will ask you into a rubber plantation, one of several green program for forest heritage and conservation. Here, we will learn about the early stages in the processing of rubber before it’s delivered to the larger of rubber company in Industrial Area in other town

Usually, many tourist do not only spend their time in Kalibaru. After they feel that their’s Kalibaru vacation is finished, they will continue this adventure to Sukamade Turtle Beach in Meru Betiri Reservation Area. We will go there at night. How may you come in this location ? We will be riding by legendray Land Rover car style on an adventurous trip through jungle, crossing several rivers with no bridges

Also sometime you may continue to the famous Ijen Crater, or through teak forest to Baluran Reservation Area. The Baluran Reservation Area is one of the Indonesian National Park located in East Java which is home and heaven for wild animal life. Some local or foreign university do the research and learn about animal life

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Our Customer Testimony

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From : Rudy & Michelle (USA)

On 22nd of Dec, 2008

Attached are the pictures from out meeting at the train station. We thank you so much for your help! We had such a wonderful time in Indonesia and you were so nice to help us in our travels!!!

Thank you and best wishes!

Rudy & Michelle

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